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Keep Indian River Beautiful Inc., affectionately known as "KIRB", is a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization dedicated to enhancing our community environment through volunteerism, behavior change, and education.  We are the local Keep America Beautiful® affiliate for every resident of Indian River County.   

Our staff and volunteer Board of Directors firmly believe that education combined with service will bring about a behavioral change in each individual, and instill the desire to contribute even just a small piece to the greater whole. 


As each person works toward a common goal, the result is magnified across the community and is proven by our rising statistics each year.



​​Our number one objective is to unite residents under the
common purpose to KEEP INDIAN RIVER BEAUTIFUL for all generations. Our programs and events are designed to focus and support the following core initiatives of our organization:



Keep Indian River Beautiful helps educate the public on proper recycling techniques. By teaching individuals how to recycle correctly, we can help make recycling a common household habit, thereby making recyclables available to manufactures for products and packaging. 

We teach our local community how they can make recycling part of their daily lives by interacting and demonstrating at events.

Check out our Event Recycling Program



Keep Indian River Beautiful works hard to receive national grants for beautification, habitat restoration, and tree planting projects each year.


Local support is crucial for this effort and ultimately supports future projects that can benefit areas in true need.


If you would like to see more beautification projects, want to volunteer at a beautification event, or have an idea for an event, get in touch with us!



Keep Indian River Beautiful is the only local organization that provides litter cleanup supplies at our expense to any group willing to lend a hand.


We coordinate locations across the county all year long for friends, families, groups, and businesses.


From March - June,  all cleanup efforts count towards Indian River's Great American Cleanup. Funding for these efforts comes solely from sponsors and individual donors.

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