Who We Are

Keep Indian River Beautiful Inc., affectionately known as "KIRB", is a 501-C (3) non –profit organization dedicated to enhancing our community environment through volunteerism, behavior change and education.  We are the local Keep America Beautiful affiliate for every resident of Indian River County.   


Keep America Beautiful has a strong history of connecting with people and communities across the nation. From national campaigns such as The Crying Indian commercial to Every Litter Bit Hurts, Keep America Beautiful brought environmental responsibility into local communities through their affiliate network designed to give locals the power to prioritize the needs of their specific area.

Over the past five years, Keep Indian River Beautiful has worked diligently to realign our priorities with that of our fellow residents and businesses.

Our staff and volunteer Board of Directors firmly believe that education combined with service will bring about a behavioral change in each individual and instill the desire to contribute even just a small piece to the greater whole.  As each person works toward a common goal,

the result is magnified across the community and is proven by our rising statistics each year.


What We Do

Litter ~ Recycling ~ Beautification

These key issues are the core needs of our community to maintain quality of life, protect the environment and stabilize our economy.   Every program or project is connected to one or more of these issues.

Our goals are to Improve Recycling, End Litter, and Beautify Our Community.

Our number one objective is to unite residents under the common purpose to 

KEEP INDIAN RIVER BEAUTIFUL for all generations. 

Improving Recycling

Keep Indian River Beautiful partners with Indian River County Solid Waste to promote recycling in the county to businesses, neighborhoods, and groups.  With IRC grant support, we are able to offer free presentations, provide recycling bins for local events and select a few large festivals to send a recycling team. 

Keep Indian River Beautiful is committed to doing our part so the County can achieve their goal of 75% recycling by 2020.  

  • At the time when bottle caps were not allowed in the single-stream recycling bins, Keep Indian River Beautiful stepped up and prevented over 5,000 pounds of bottle caps from entering the landfill! They were turned into art projects for students, melted down for sculptures and even turned into benches for schools.

  • In 2016, Keep Indian River Beautiful sought out and received grant money to start a Pilot Beachside Recycling effort for the City of Vero Beach outside of our County grant funding. KIRB continued the program at our own expense from 2016 through 2019. 

  • A similar grant 10 years ago provided recycling to Downtown Vero and was maintained at no cost by our partner Republic Services through 2019. 


Ending Litter

Everyone knows that litter leads to increased crime, lowered property values and hurts our wildlife. Not to mention, eco-tourists don't return to a littered environment.  This issue is crucial to our tourist based economy and requires our attention. Keep Indian River Beautiful is the only local organization who offers to provide litter cleanup supplies at our own expense to any group willing to lend a hand. We coordinate locations across the county all year long for friends, families, groups and businesses whether they belong to the Adopt-A-Shore, Road and Highway or not. From February - June, these efforts all count towards Indian River's Great American Cleanup. Funding for these efforts comes solely from sponsors and individual donors.

For over 35 years, Keep Indian River Beautiful and partners have coordinated the local International Coastal Cleanup efforts.  Thanks to our sponsors, KIRB recruits and supplies approximately 1,000 volunteers at over 30 water-based locations around the county.  This annual roundup of litter and marine debris removes over 15,000 pounds in one day.  

Coming soon we will be revamping our Cigarette Litter Prevention Program! Check back for more details.

Beautify our Community

Keep Indian River Beautiful works hard to receive national grants for beautification, habitat restoration and tree planting projects each year. Local support is crucial for this effort if the community wants to see more projects that can benefit areas in true need that won't ever receive national recognition. If you would like to see more beautification projects please donate! To volunteer at a beautification event or have an idea for one, contact us!