In the beginning of 2017, Keep Indian River Beautiful started the Recycling Management Team whose goal was to facilitate recycling at large events. The program was highly successful and managed to divert over 6,000 pounds of recycling from the landfill.

The team received an award from Keep Florida Beautiful for their efforts in late 2017. 

Due to monetary constraints, we aren't able to provide this service for free to all events as we would prefer. Our county grant does provide funding for 5 local events determined by our staff. However there are still options available. Keep Indian River Beautiful lends out portable recycling bins requested by local event coordinators. These bins are maintained and emptied by event staff during the event and returned to Keep Indian River Beautiful afterwards.


The Recycling Management Team is also available for hire if local events want to ensure

proper recycling disposal including maintaining a low-contamination level and

removing excess recycling from the trash cans.   

E-mail daisy@keepindianriverbeautiful.org for more information.