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"The Great American Cleanup began as a litter cleanup initiative designed to aesthetically improve our environment by creating cleaner parks, streetscapes, and public spaces through litter removal and elimination." Keep America Beautiful®. 

Indian River's Great American Cleanup is part of the Keep America Beautiful® the Great American Cleanup, and Drive It Home: Keep Our Paradise Litter Free FDOT campaign.


Our vision is to lead the county where every community is a clean, green, beautiful place to live. That beauty is a lasting signature and will inspire lasting actions. We build a sense of community by working together, always acting with integrity and taking action every day. 

As a part of this year's Great American Cleanup efforts, Keep Indian River Beautiful will be focusing on positively impacting the Lagoon by either removing litter, planting natives, or reducing nutrients from runoff. 

The Great American Cleanup takes place annually March through June. Keep Indian River Beautiful will provide buckets, grabbers, gloves, and trash bags to community groups interested in Spring Cleaning! Contact for information.

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